Petroleum Engineering Salary By State

Below you will find a full list of Petroleum Engineering Salary by State. Keep in mind that not all states are listed due to the fact that not all of them have jobs for petroleum engineers. Feel free to sort the table in any way to better view the data. The salaries shown are the most current, and the table is updated on an annual basis.

Average Petroleum Engineering Salary by State

StatesHourly WageWeekly WageMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
Alabama (AL)$62.36$2,494$10,808$129,700
Alaska (AK)$77.07$3,083$13,358$160,300
Arizona (AZ)$58.08$2,323$10,067$120,800
Arkansas (AR)$61.06$2,442$10,583$127,000
California (CA)$58.89$2,356$10,208$122,500
Colorado (CO)$69.23$2,769$12,000$144,000
Kansas (KS)$74.62$2,985$12,933$155,200
Louisiana (LA)$64.13$2,565$11,117$133,400
Michigan (MI)$55.29$2,212$9,583$115,000
Mississippi (MS)$59.18$2,367$10,258$123,100
Montana (MT)$47.79$1,912$8,283$99,400
New Mexico (NM)$43.85$1,754$7,600$91,200
Ohio (OH)$57.12$2,285$9,900$118,800
Oklahoma (OK)$72.64$2,906$12,592$151,100
Pennsylvania (PA)$53.03$2,121$9,192$110,300
Texas (TX)$76.59$3,063$13,275$159,300
Utah (UT)$43.03$1,721$7,458$89,500
Virginia (VA)$73.61$2,944$12,758$153,100
Washington (WA)$65.29$2,612$11,317$135,800
West Virginia (WV)$52.36$2,094$9,075$108,900
Wyoming (WY)$53.99$2,160$9,358$112,300