Petroleum Engineers in the News

Petroleum Engineering is a career for people of all creeds, colors, and nationalities, but if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s our shared habit of being awesome. Petroleum Engineers are routinely, disproportionately, high-achievers. Go team!

Here are some of my favorite articles, videos, and podcasts about petro engineers.

planet money on petroleum engineering

NPR’s Planet Money ‘We Buy Oil’ Series
Our industry explained in a way everyone can understand. Part 2 has an explanation for how the price of oil is set that I’ve never heard before and is simple, clear, and easy to explain to your friends and relatives! Listen here:

101 years later, posthumous degree for UW-Madison student who left for World War I
Milton Pettit Griswold’s education was interrupted by his service in the Navy. He became a successful petroleum engineer and now his granddaughter will be able to accept a posthumous degree – a rare honor at Madison.

Single mom handles degree, raising family
“I wasn’t sure between mechanical and petroleum until I had my first geology course. It won me over. I fell in love.”

Taking on the world: Can-do petro engineering grad beats the odds

petro engineers in the newsA neat bio of Brooklyn Vosen. Best quote? “I didn’t come to Tech to be anybody’s mama,” said Vosen confidently. “I came here to be the boss.”

Second best? “If I was going to make a mold, she would be the model,” he added. “We have a lot of good students here at Tech, and she’s at the very top of the group.”

Mark Miller for President!
Mark Miller is a petroleum engineer and sometime teacher at UT Austin with 18 years experience in the industry. Who better to run the Texas Railroad Commission? Wait, did you say railroad? That’s right – the name is somewhat outdated – it is really the oil and gas commission. Mark is a Libertarian who believes the existing commissioners are too cozy with the industry they are supposed to regulate.

Energy Spotlight: M. Christopher Doyle
A fairly standard bio with one part that really made me go ‘huh, yeah’ – Mr Doyle talking about the extremely long-term nature of this industry. “One of the real challenges some companies have … is you need to take this 100-year view of development. We’ll be partners for 100 years,” he said of working with leaseholders. “It’s rare to be around a company that already has that view with a 104-year legacy.”

Scott Sheffield Will Retire As CEO Of Pioneer Natural Resources
One tidbit from this article blew my mind. Announcing the retirement of Mr. Sheffield, the Oil and Gas Investor said, “Pioneer began as a $32 million company in 1985 and is now worth $28 billion.”

Holy smokes. That’s some serious growth. I’m pretty sure those numbers put Mr. Sheffield in a category of success even above Jack Welch.

The first female president of the OU chapter of Society of Petroleum Engineers
madeline_bull_petroleum_engineerMadeline Bull graduated from the University of Oklahoma last month president of the OU branch of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. She will soon start work at Informage Energy in Houston as a field engineer.

Best quote from the article: “It’s such a great job path,” Bull said. “Not only are you getting an incredible degree in four years that pays just as well as most graduate degrees pay, but it’s just fun. Problem solving in engineering is challenging and stimulating.”

True that.