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McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering

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McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering

University of Tulsa Petroleum Engineering Admissions Info

University of Tulsa Petroleum Engineering  The University of Tulsa is a private university which was founded in 1894 with around 4,600 students. It currently offers 60+ degree programs and has a student to faculty ratio of just eleven to one. The university also offers a number of financial assistance programs which currently supports over 80% of enrolled students at the institution.

A tenth of the student body are National Merit Scholars, and Tulsa students have won a disproportionate number of awards and scholarships. These honors include 59 Goldwater Scholarships, 11 Truman scholarships, 17 Fulbright grants, and 2 Rhodes scholarships.

While the University of Tulsa does not currently offer an online learning platform, it does provide “Harvey” which is a collaborative online network for students and professors to share course material, assignments and video lectures to improve the learning experience. Additionally, the university has developed a number of centers & institutes of excellence, which focus on research development in the form of Joint Industry Projects as well as Industry Consortium consulting.

The McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering offers the full spectrum of petroleum engineering degrees. This means bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees are available. Additionally, the Bachelor of Science program offers students the option to minor in Chemical Engineering, Geosciences or Mechanical Engineering. There is also a Master of Engineering degree offered to those students who do not wish to pursue a thesis option.

There are 10 different research consortiums currently active at the university offering students the opportunity to be part of a variety of industry projects, and this is supported by the school’s own drilling laboratory and drill well for practical real life experimentation and study.

Finally, there are local chapters of nearly 15 industry societies on campus which allows students greater opportunities to discuss the latest developments in the industry, as well as network with other professionals in the field.

In 2016 it was rated #158 in Forbes’ Best Value Colleges in the USA, and #28 in the south.

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University of Tulsa Key Stats

Student population: 4,682
Student-to-faculty ratio: 11 to 1
Retention rate: 88%
Graduation rate: 68%

University of Tulsa Petroleum Engineering Degrees Awarded in 2014-2015

Bachelor’s Degrees: 70

Master’s Degrees: 16

Doctoral Degrees: 5

University of Tulsa Petroleum Engineering Degrees Awarded in 2012-2013

Bachelor’s Degrees: 68

Petroleum Engineering Bachelor Degree

Master’s Degrees: 17

17 Master's Degrees

Doctoral Degrees: 7

7 Doctoral Degrees

Estimated Tuition Costs and Living Expenses for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

There was a hefty increase in tuitions and fees from 2014 to 2015 with a rise of just over 10%. Other costs were unchanged.

university of tulsa living costs and tuition fees petroleum engineering

University Location

800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189

Source: Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

TU Petroleum Engineering Admissions Info