Petroleum Engineering Scholarships to Colleges and Universities in the US

petroleum engineering scholarshipsWhen a student makes the decision to pursue a career in petroleum engineering, it’s important to start thinking of scholarships that may exist to help pay for the rising cost of school. There are few careers today that offer the high economic reward. Not only are there huge financial incentives for those working in the oil industry, but there are a lot of scholarships available to make earning your degree an easier financial burden.

A petroleum engineer helps discover the newest and most efficient techniques to drill for oil and natural gas. They also are responsible for creating methods to help existing older wells to produce more oil in a more efficient manner. Jobs can be much more hands on or there are research and development positions as well. Each of the major companies involved in the industry offer petroleum engineering scholarships in an attempt to train the best and the brightest students.

There are also many laboratory positions which involve research to solve persistent problems and to develop new tools and techniques to make the work more efficient. A student that finds this kind of work interesting and goes to college to be trained should look for financial aid in the form of scholarships to help them pursue their petroleum engineering degree. College can be very expensive, therefore, all of the major schools that offer this degree also offer scholarships designed to lure the best students into this exciting and lucrative field.

Top Colleges Offering Petroleum Engineering Scholarships

The petroleum industry is unlike any other, as engineers can have a direct impact on a company’s profitability. A driven and smart student should not be discouraged due to a lack of money, and should seek scholarship opportunities. If the scholarship is through a company, both parties are benefiting; student has school paid for, while the company gets a minimum (usually a year or two) commitment from the student.

One of the best schools for petroleum engineering is Texas A&M located in College Station, Texas. This school has produced many successful engineers and has a strong partnership with the oil industry to assist in keeping the curriculum relevant and the school producing some of the top minds in the industry.  There are no fewer than 16 petroleum engineering scholarships listed at the university for students.

The University of Texas in Austin, Texas is another school that specializes in producing petroleum engineers that are able to jump right from the campus into valuable and financially rewarding jobs in the oil industry. There are several special scholarships at each of these Texas institutions that provide specific assistance to students interested in this field. This fine institution offers the approximately the same amount. If a student has the intellect and the desire there seems to be few reasons to not be able to attempt to win a scholarship to help pay for the degree.

Some other great programs are provided at the University of Southern California, Colorado School of Mines, Stanford University and University of Oklahoma, all which offer scholarships.

Typical Eligibility Requirements for Scholarships to Petroleum Engineering Schools

petroleum engineering scholarshipAll scholarships are going to have their own specific requirements and no two are exactly the same in the petroleum engineering category but there are a few factors that are very similar.  All scholarships are going to be rewarded on a strictly merit based standard. Each student that receives a specific scholarship for this industry has to have displayed a certain level of intellect and proficiency in their academic career.

That means that no matter where you went to school there has to be a prominent intellectual and scholarly track record. A person looking to win one of these prized scholarships typically should be in the top three percent in their class. Regardless of where educated to be below this level will be a major strike against them.

There is also a requirement that for all standardized tests the applicant should also be in the top three percent as well. That means that when a student takes the SAT their final score could determine how much of their future career will be paid for by scholarships.

All students must be planning to enroll in or be accepted into a petroleum engineering program at an accredited school. There must be a letter of recommendation from a teacher, principal or school counselor. Most of these scholarships supply their applications online so that all students have an equal access to it.

Once a scholarship is received, the student needs to be enrolled in a petroleum engineering class by the beginning of the second year at college. This gives plenty of time to get the core classes out of the way and to make sure the student is serious about petroleum engineering as a career. They must remain in a petroleum engineering program and maintain a full time schedule as a student. Of course each scholarship recipient has to maintain scores and grades that are acceptable to the scholarship program.

These scholarships are generally provided by individuals and companies that are looking to provide a fresh wave of talent to the industry. The best petroleum engineering school scholarship programs are going to be attached to an employment commitment of some kind. This ensures that these well trained individuals will be employees of the industry immediately after graduation. This will enable companies in the oil business to reach higher levels with new ideas and practices with each new graduate. Needless to say, scholarships are a really smart investment, will can help you with more than just cost-savings.